Hands-on Scientific Computing is a guide for all researchers and students who have demanding computing needs.

  • It can be browsed as needed or as a reference for people working independently.
  • It can (in the future) be used as a self-study course to bridge the gap between academic study and independent research.
  • You do not have to enroll in this course unless you wish to be graded.

Hands-on Scientific Computing is a course born out of Aalto University Science-IT, CodeRefinery, and many other inspirations. Initial funding is provided by an Aalto Online Learning grant.


If you have questions about Hands-on SciComp in general, see CodeRefinery zulipchat.

You can also contact us via scip@aalto.fi

Design and development

This is an open project, which means we encourage contributions from everyone and also accept that we have some compromises to make it generally useful. For local site customizations, we have a templating system using the site/ directory, so that we can have the same source but every site can have their local customizations.

The CONTRIBUTING file explains in easy terms how to contribute specific things.

The DESIGN file explains how we structure the levels, modules, and information within the modules.

The README file lists technical information about contributing.

Partners and users