Study credits (Aalto)ΒΆ

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If you are in Finland but not Aalto, you can get credits via the free FITech program.

You can earn credits from completing this course by doing exercises (if you are in Finland at least). One credit comes from completing exercises for levels A, B and C. A second credit can be earned by completing exercises for D and E.

Exercises (and this course in general) are designed to make you experience these tools, but are only a starting point to exploration.

Instructions if you are at Aalto University:

  • The course material is on this page, and can be browsed at your own pace.
  • Log in to the exercise system kept separately. You need to attempt at least 90% of the exercises and pass at least 50%. You may do this at your own pace.
  • Note that exercises are subject to change, even though the course is continuous the exercises may change if you delay completing the course for too long.
  • Request grading and by the instructions in section 1.1. Grading is done about once per month.