C: Linux and shell

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C10 Basic shell Let’s face it: the command line is the basis of most data science and programming. >How does the shell work? >When to use a CLI instead of a GUI? >Shell crash course >Shell crash course >Software carpentry Shell-novice >The first part of our shell course is good too.
C23 Text editors and IDEs Your best friend is a good text editor - sometimes you just need to edit things quickly on some remote system. >Which tools to use for code development and editing? >Get to know VS Code tutorial series >Software Carpentry shell-novice, “Create a text file” part of section 3 >Tutorial on IDEs by CodeRefinery.
C20 Shell scripting If you can do it on the Linux shell, you can automate it. >How to make use of shell scripting tools in repetitive task automation? >Shell scripting tutorials. >Continue with the Science-IT Linux shell tutorial part 2.
C21 Version control for you Version control lets you track changes, go back in time, and collaborate on code and papers: an absolute requirement for scientific computing. >What is Git? >How to initialize a Git repository? >Why use version control >Git for beginners >Introduction to version control by CodeRefinery
C22 SSH and remote access A short but important course: how to do work remotely. Different expert tips for making ssh better, too. >What does SSH mean and when to use it? >Introduction to secure shell by Software Carpentry >SSH for working on a remote machine. How to make ssh work better by Aalto Scicomp
C23 Make Automate the repetitive stuff with Make. >How can a Makefile be useful in your large project? >Episodes on Make by Software Carpentry >Short introduction on what is a Makefile and basic operations. >For more information on Makefiles see GNU Make Manual